Online , Trouble in Exchange and Return, Online Commerce creates lot of Pollution, No peace of mind

All ecommerce companies take lot of time to delivery the goods ordered online , Once you get the item delivered you have to carry out multiple steps to return or exchange the items received, We are encouraging lot of pollution by opting for Online Shopping. We waste lot of Cartoons Carry bags and etc, When we order high value goods we are always worried whether the product would be genuinue and would it reach at us safely and if there is some defect we need to follow up lot of times to exchange the goods

Local Store

Delivery within 60 Mins, Instant Return and Exchange, Offline Commerce reduces 99%, Order any high value items

Using our platform you can get the things in 60Mins from the time of order is confirmed, We provide on the spot return or exchange of the goods ordered through us no waiting and no frustration, When you buy from local stores then their is no wastage of unnecesary things used for packing of the the items those are shipped to us, When you order costly items like mobile phones or any other high value electronics goods our people deliver the items very fast as well as he gets it installed at your home in no time