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Express Delivery, No Env Impacts, Social Buying, No Fake & Fraud, Physical Experience

Local stores can deliver a product to a customers home in 2 hours, Buying at store has no hazardous impact on environment, Buying at physical store reduces our stress and gives us instant happiness to the buyer’s friend & family accompanied with him, Where as local stores always have genuine products & provides reliable services, Buying at store has the advantage of physically experiencing the products

Online Store

Days for Delivery, Hazardous Env Impacts, No Social Buying, Fake & Fraud, No Physical Experience

Online shopping takes many days to deliver a product at home, We run after E commerce for offers & deals but it create lots of carbon footprint in the process of packaging /pick up /delivering return and exchange which ultimately affects the customer in the long run, A customer when buys online never has a human interaction thus reducing the emotional attachment of shopping. E commerce reduces the happiness & pleasure of buying with friend and family, While buying high value products like Mobiles / Watches/ Laptops/ Camera etc. through online people complain of receiving fake & faulty goods, Online buying can never provide touch & feel experience